Mystery Pyramid Unmasked!

Pyramid Unmasked by Elite Weed Wacker Team

Armed with a machete, a giant Weed Wrench, long-handled loppers and a pitchfork, four members of the Friends of Forest Hill Park’s elite Weed Wacker Team hacked through thick underbrush and vines to uncover the mysterious stone pyramid in Forest Hill Park. Laura Dysart, Sally Kannemeyer, Ann Mays and Suzette Lyon set out Saturday, May 7th to remove the high-value targets smothering native plants and covering the pyramid: mimosa, English Ivy, poison ivy, and other invasive weeds.  Their mission was part of the official Virginia Invasive Plant Removal Day May 7th at sites all across the state.

The mission was also the first action step in the overarching master plan for Forest Hill Park created by Robert Wright, an environmental scientist who grew up playing in the park.  One part of Wright’s plan seeks to preserve the native plant species in  the park, as well as to attract birds and wildlife.

Clearing the invasive vines and saplings from the pyramid site is the first small step in implementing Wright’s comprehensive and inspiring vision for Forest Hill Park.

And it’s going to take all of us, one whack at a time, to make that vision a reality.

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