Photo Credits

All the photographs of butterflies, caterpillars, and flowers used in the headings for the pages of this website were taken by Suzette Lyon.  Many were taken in the native flower garden. Photos by Suzette taken elsewhere in the park:  pickerelweed growing in the lake and native azaleas, bluets, tickseed sunflowers, smartweed, jewelweed, wild ginger, heuchera, golden aster, passion flower, jack-in-the-pulpit, may apples, and star chickweed growing in the woods.

The photograph of the Mallards on the “About the Park” page was taken by David Hathcock.

The photograph of Reedy Creek on the “Reedy Creek” page was taken by Tammy Parece.

The photographs used in the “Children and Adults All Participate in Festivities at Forest Hill Park” post were taken by Cynthia Mashburn.