Reedy Creek

Reedy Creek is the source of water for Forest Hill Park Lake.  It enters the lake in a steep fall after coming out from under Forest Hill Avenue.   These falls are beautiful at any time and become extremely rapid when it rains.

Much of the upper reaches of Reedy Creek have been subjected to stream channelization over the years.  The object of the channelization has been to remove water quickly from where the creek would naturally flood along Midlothian Turnpike.  Unfortunately, this rapid removal of water results in extremely high stream velocities further downstream.  The rushing water erodes the stream banks, bringing debris and sediment into the lake at Forest Hill Park.   This is why the lake had to be dredged in the summer of 2009.  To prevent the newly dredged lake from once again filling with sediment, steps must be taken to reduce the amount of sediment coming in from upstream.