Volunteers are one of our most important assets at Forest Hill Park! In the past our incredible volunteer groups have helped us to clear debris after storms, plant new trees, cut new trails, hold educational sessions, and host special events in the park.

We want to keep track of our volunteers so that we can recognize their efforts in maintaining and improving Forest Hill Park.  In addition, we report these hours to the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation which in turn reports the hours to the Mayor’s Office.

If you or your group volunteer in the park, we would appreciate knowing about your efforts.  Please complete this form — Volunteer sign up — and return it to the address at the bottom.  Even if you just pick up trash on your morning walks, IT COUNTS!

And please know that your efforts are appreciated by the Friends of Forest Hill Park, the Parks Department, and all who enjoy our wonderful park!  THANK YOU!


Check back here soon for a  list of volunteer opportunities.  The Friends of Forest Hill Park is currently compiling opportunities to assist with park events, park clean ups, and other projects in the park.  The list will include ideas for individuals and groups and will involve organized, on-going, and one-time opportunities.

We look forward to seeing you in the park!


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